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Turn Your Backyard into a Hot Tub Oasis

Why go to a spa when you can have a spa come to you? Designing a hot tub environment in your backyard should be a perfect blend of lighting, plants, fences, pavement, structures, and finally the hot tub itself.

Although designing your area may at first be intimidating, when done right, it can be a very rewarding experience that not only reflects your personal tastes but also accommodates your needs.

backyard hot tub oasis

When planning a spa, Jacuzzi® recommends that you keep a few elements in mind. Here are some suggestions that will help you tackle specific areas.

The Hot Tub:

A good way to begin is with the hot tub itself. Choose your tub on the number of people it will need to accommodate and the features it offers. For example, do you want a spa that fits two people comfortably or six? Do you want a waterfall for white noise or are you placing the spa in an extremely quiet area?

The Deck:

Often spas are surrounded by a symmetrical or free-form deck. This deck provides not only a frame for the spa, but also a safe walkway around its edge. A good decking material matches other paved areas, is resistant to acid, algae, bacteria, chemicals, frost and fungus, and should feel cool under your feet. In addition, the deck surface should not be slippery.


Nature is the best healer, and what's more natural than plants? Plants provide just the right texture, shape, color and interest for your spa landscape. A well-placed tree, hedge, or vine will provide privacy and security by hiding any unwanted views and creating a peaceful cocoon around your spa.

They also discourage trespassing and soften any architectural lines, camouflage pool equipment, and fill in odd angles or spaces in the area. Plants should be chosen keeping in mind their function and their suitability to the climate zone.


Light changes everything you look at, and your hot tub is no different. Lighting can dramatically alter your outdoor area in the evening by highlighting all the right architectural features and background foliage.

A good lighting plan may need some experimentation before you get it absolutely right. It can be fun to try out inexpensive clamp-on lights and observe the results, and then get them installed permanently by a professional.

Jacuzzi understands the importance of light in the spa area and offers color-lighted Water Rainbow® waterfalls, which are a perfect way to set the mood after dark. Some models feature underwater lighting which can be set to one color or set to automatically cycle through an array of colors to fit any mood.

Adding a Jacuzzi hot tub to your outdoor space means investing a little time and effort into something that will return your efforts over and over again. So step in for a soak and experience what it feels like to have your environment runneth over...

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